Valentine’s Day Deals: Venice City Break!

5 best reasons: Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Venice, Italy!

It is already a worldwide tradition for couples in love to celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th every year.

What does this day mean?

Valentine’s Day is a day when romance and love are shared in all couples in love and is already considered a tradition. If you have a person you love then that’s the best time to show your love and appreciation.

But depends on each one!

Some people think that one day a year is not enough to show their love to the loved person and consider it to be a normal day. Others are making big plans for this day, special gifts, red hearts, romantic dinners or short vacations in various destinations.

One of the most romantic destinations for Valentine’s Day, is Venice, the magical city on the water in which the love and the romance blend together perfectly.

Why would you choose Venice to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

1.The romantic gondola ride is memorable and you will certainly never forget it!

This city on the water offers unforgettable moments, the gondola being one of the biggest attractions. The canals of Venice are multiple and each one has a little history that you will not forget. Also, during the gondola ride, you can listen to romantic music or enjoy a glass of wine. You must know that a 40-minute gondola ride costs approx. 100 euros.

2. This city offers many restaurants with panoramic views where you can have a special romantic dinner, you will feel that “love is in the air”!

3. The food in Venice is delicious and cheap!

Traditional Italian dishes are known as very delicious: pasta, pizza, traditional desserts like tiramisu or traditional drinks like Aperol Spritz.
In Venice, you will find a variety of menus and assortments in any location, even in the boutiques and cafes on the narrow streets.

4. The sights are impressive: St. Mark’s Square, Saint Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace, Ponte di Rialto, Grand Canal, La Fenice Theater are the most popular and attractive. You can visit them together, the tickets being approx. 20 euros per person for each of them.

5. During this time of year, the Venice Carnival is taking place, another attraction for couples in love!

Known for the beauty of the costumes and masks that the locals wear on the streets of Venice these days, this carnival takes Venice back in the 14th century. You can take unforgettable pictures with the characters you meet on the street.
These pictures will be added to your collection that will always bring happiness to your couple.

Surprise your girlfriend with a Venetian Mask that she will definitely be impressed and will keep it with pleasure!

You must know that for a city break in Venice you find good offers and best deals even at the last minute.

See the Deals:

Palazzetto Madonna Hotel****San Polo 2902, San Polo, Venice, Italy, 205, 30125

Hotel Bisanzio****Calle de la Pietà, Castello, Venice, Italy, 205, 30122

Do you think Venice is the right destination for you? If the answer is yes, don’t miss the offers!

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