LENOR Booster&Conditioner! Up to 50% OFF!

Do you want your clothes to have long-lasting freshness, to be soft and to keep their color and fabric even after a lot of washings?

We present to you two products from Lenor that will surely fulfill your wishes and you will be pleased with the results!

Lenor In-wash Scent Booster Gold Orchid – it’s a fabric conditioner witch provides up to 12 weeks of freshness, it has strong vanilla, honey, peach, and roses smell. Because it’s powerful it is not necessary to use a large quantity to obtain a pleasant and long-lasting odor. It is recommended for towels, bed linen, blankets because the freshness will be long-lasting even if they will not be used immediately after washing.

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Lenor Blush Parfum Des Secrets Fabric Conditioner 1L
With a sophisticated and romantic scent, this fabric conditioner is perfect for your soft clothes to have an irresistible smell and lasts forever. It has red fruit notes with sandalwood. Perfect for you and your family!

Up to 50% OFF from the original price!

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