How to choose the right foundation for you!

To choose a suitable foundation for your skin type, for a natural and fresh look is sometimes quite difficult.
It counts very much the ingredients, shades, the level of coverage and maintenance on your skin. Depend on your skin type ( dry, oily, mixed) you can choose the right foundation type.
Usually, the ones with creamy and fluid texture are more preferred rather the matte ones with a higher concentration of powder, because they stretch better, do not leave visible marks and it fixes well with a compact powder for the entire day.

This foundation creates a natural and soft look, with active ingredients like minerals and plants to protect and improve the texture of your skin.
Clarins is a well-known brand for good quality cosmetics around the world, and the discounts for their products are well received by the ladies.
If you know exactly your shade then you are lucky to get this foundation – Up to 73% OFF!
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